Strength and Balance 

A low-impact class that helps you improve balance and build strong muscles. Agility training and exercises develop meditation skills. 12-week Fall Prevention series included with this training.

Core Stability Ball

Pilates challenges your upper and lower body strength, core, and stability and balance. By combining Pilates with a stability ball, you are adding additional resistance and challenges that takes this class to a dynamic level. This is a great full body workout for all fitness levels. 

SilverSneakers® and Prime Member approved.

All About Abdominals

Designed to target your torso, working all aspects of the abs and back, sculpting your abs into shape. This 25-minute class will have your core feeling stronger than ever!  

Barre | Pilates

Barre incorporates the classical dance movements and positions of ballet with of yoga and pilates. In addition to a ballet barre, we use resistance bands, exercise balls, hand weights, and yoga straps to aid our training.  

Barre classes focus on developing strength and flexibility in the ankles, calves, knees, thighs, and glutes. Students wear clothes like you would for yoga, and go barefooted or wear socks. Non-slip socks may be beneficial, especially when first starting out. Benefits

Better health through increased strength, flexibility, and muscle tone, and improved balance, stability, and posture.

Virtual options are available for some Core classes.