Personal Training

One-on-one training for all ages and experience levels 

Invest in personal training with your own F.I.T coach! No matter what your fitness goals, we can help you achieve them. Personal training is perfect for beginners or for those who might want to increase activity after physical injury. We’ll work with you on your pace to make sure this experience is encouraging and fun. 

Available Trainers
April Carpenter

April has been teaching group fitness since 1997. She is excited to be a partner with Karate+F.I.T., where she is leading the group exercise classes. Opening Faith Inspired Training (F.I.T.) has been a dream of April’s for a while. Please come and check out her studio in person or virtually. 

Candace Fortino

Candace Fortino’s first visit to a gym at age 29 was transforming. After breaking a sweat on that first day, she realized there was something transformative to giving your all to a workout. Candace has been in the gym almost everyday since.

Candace believes in the power of group fitness to change lives. Candace has certifications in multiple group fitness based formats. She is also a personal trainer specializing in increased movement, energy, and quality of life.

Deb Smith

I began my teaching career in 1986 and have learned many valuable lessons throughout the years.  My best skills are exemplified in step, barre, kickboxing, spin. Yoga, Pilates and resistance classes.  I am certified in AFAA Personal Fitness. FiTour Group Fitness, 200 Hour Yoga twice, cycle and CPR.

I believe that my “ministry” is to educate, inform and help others seek an optimum healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally and spiritually.  I thank the Lord daily for breath and life and for His new mercies every morning!  

Personal Trainer April Carpenter
Personal Trainer Candace Fortino
Personal Trainer Deb Smith

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