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Internal Cleaning

October 2021 By Charisse & April

Internal Cleaning: How to Boost Your Mood, Health, and Wellness

Who needs some support as we navigate the end of the year and a landscape that has changed so much in such a short time? ALL OF US! A quote that stands out to me in this season is “We are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm.” Life can get stormy, and everyone has a bit of a different “boat” that equips them to handle themselves, their emotions, relationships, fitness and wellness with the tools on their personal boat and those of their support systems, like friends, family, and neighbors.
I’m Charisse, a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 10 years. I’m happy to partner with April, a Fitness Coach, Writer,  Religious Studies Graduate. I am humbled by the conversations we have had recently about our struggles, successes, and perseverance throughout the last year. Even with a sturdy boat, life can be challenging!

What now? How do we re-set, rejuvenate, and reach out?

Three tips that have worked for us, and are research-based and Biblical:

1) Get outside, and get moving: Say hello to a neighbor, take a walk around the local park, join a fitness class at Faith Inspired Training that encourages your comfort level of movement, or do some stretching in your back yard. This has been a traumatic season for most, and trauma is stored in the body. Movement is key to improved mood, healing, and wellness.
2) Find a 5-minute morning routine: drink a glass of water to hydrate, read a devotional or an inspiring quote, pray or find an affirmative phrase or scripture to set the intent for your day and move your body in a way that releases tension.
3) Reflect on your identity in Christ: He says you are loved and valuable. Treat yourself that way! Eat a nutritious meal, listen to a song that invites an emotional response in line with how you want to feel, and make the choice to focus on today.

Give these a try, or find versions of these How-To’s that work for you, and reach out to let us know how it’s going and how you’re doing! Let’s share “boats” and resources starting today.

Blessings, Charisse & April        

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